Custom 2-in-1 step stools and tables

Made for toddlers. Designed by a mom.

Custom by Kyla

Convertible 2-in-1 step stools and tables for kids

Custom built furniture for kids.

Designed with safety in mind 'cause I'm a parent too.

a very happy toddler on a colorful step stool

Saves space and serves multiple purposes

a very happy toddler sitting at a kid-sized table

Hinged design quickly folds from a step stool into a table.

Easy to use latches then secure it.


a purple safety bar shown on the top part of a child's step stool
Detachable Safety Bar

The stool includes a detachable safety bar to keep your little one from falling off.

It's designed to be easy for them to climb under to get on the stool.

You can screw it on for extra safety or hide it away under the seat if you don't need it.

carefully drawn convertible step stool and table plans
Meticulously planned

Built with the motto "Form. Fit. Function."

These stools were carefully planned out with attention to every detail.

Then tested by a two-year old and reworked to be even better.

a happy toddler standing on a step stool in the kitchen helping to bake
Toddler approved

Young kids love being able to climb up and see what is going on.

Plus they learn more when they are able to be actively involved.

a close up of felt pads attached to the bottom of the step stool legs
Felt feet

Felt feet protect your floor and make it easy for your little person to push the stool around to where they need to go.

My Story

a picture of me- a mom with a big smile

Hi! I'm Kyla Bendt. When my son was a year old, one of my big challenges was trying to get anything done in the kitchen. My little guy would toddle around by my legs trying to get my attention.

He'd be happy if I picked him up so he could see, but there were some things I just didn't feel comfortable doing while holding him.

It was clear he wanted to take part in the action, but I also wanted him to be safe. He was still perfecting balancing and walking and I didn't want him to stand on a chair he could fall off of.

I had also just started a membership at Quelab, a makerspace in Albuquerque. So I decided to make something to solve my problem.

One thing about being a parent is that we all share some common problems and after seeing how well the stool I had built worked, I wanted to share the solution I had with other parents.

Behind the scenes!

Completely customizable - request a quote

I'm happy to add any customizations that you're interested in: your child's name painted on the step, custom colors, etc. Anything is possible. Just let me know what you'd like!